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Why the square and the rectangle

I have often wondered why I feel attracted to the squareand the rectangle,the horizontal and the vertical line in my  art on the canvas.

I think it has to do with my sense of balance and seeking rest in this uncertain and hectic life.


We all experience the square, the rectangle, the horizontal and vertical lines at a very young age in the architecture of man.


In nature we experience the horizontal line in, for example, the horizon itself, the water level, the earth in flat countries like the Netherlands, etc.

The vertical line we experience in the trunks of trees and plants, the upright way in which humans and animals go through life, etc.

Your brain is accustomed to this and you experience all of this as normal.

You feel that everything is in balance.


The Oblique line or Diagonal

I find back in the mountains and many things that are moving.

I do not feel myself comfortable in the mountains

This means being careful there may be danger or the balance is in danger.


The Circle

With the circle you immediatly think of the sun and stars and the very many forms from nature.

The circle is also widely applied in architecture to bring nature closer.

Mankind uses the circle or sphere in many applications that make motion.

Movement is often beautiful and exciting but can also cause danger and unrest.

In a traffic roundabout I can go anywhere

This again gives a lot of uncertainty and possibly a disruption of balance.