In the pictures below I show you some excisting paintings.

I know that their are a lot of people in the world who like to steal from another artist for all kinds of reasons

but I like to share my compositions anyway with you .



Close up of C003N 1

The picture below shows the structure of the frame and of fields


300 cm x 160 cm



Me with C 401 in my Studio. Notice the comb of the knitting machine I use to make my structure in my paintings

C 402

300 cm x 160 cm    Exhibition 2017 at the castle tower of Monfort the Netherlands

C 311   acryl on canvas  100 cm x 160 cm


C 314   acryl on canvas   100cm x 160 cm

C 315     acryl on canvas  100 cm x 160 cm

 C 317      Acrylic on canvas      100 cm x  160 cm


C 202    acryl on canvas   200 cm x 160 cm

This is one of the first compositions I was able to make on one canvas from 200 cm x 160 cm

As you can see I am also searching for simple compositions and colour combinations .



C 201        Acryl on canvas      200 cm x 160 cm

C 316     acryl on canvas    100 cm x 160 cm



C 200                      acryl on canvas 

The composition is 200 cm x 160 cm but it are 2 canvases from 100 cm x 160 cm.              

Exhibition 2017 at the Castle tower of Montfort. 

It is a pitty that the light on the painting is not enough so you cannot enjoy the bright red colour !

Again a composition made on my computer.

It measures 2 meter x 1.6 meter on canvas.

I did a research on different colours red and decided to keep the red colour a bit dark

because the open space between the main colour fields has more power.

This is my second composition.As you can see I placed 3 very thin blue vertical fields in the composition

I like the rhythm of those small fields

I have decided I will make this composition too.