In 2015  I had a solo exhibition at the Museum Petershuis in Gennep.The building dates from the late Middle Ages.

It was originally a rich warehouse with very high levels,thick walls and heavy wooden beams.

The museum shows the history of Gennep and its surroundings. On view in the basement is an exceptional collection of modern pottery.


The contrast between the architecture of the building and my minimalistic paintings was immense but also very facinating.

Many thanks to everybody of the museum who made this exhibition possible !  In particular,  Andries Knevel and Wilma Frederix.



In the picture below you see a gift from me to Adèle Reiss and Ruud van Espen both from Apeldoorn.  Adèle does a lot for the art seen in Apeldoorn.  It are two ear-drops in my Corduroy structure and it also is a minimalistic painting.

Every painting actually needs more space to come into its own. In the pictures you can see that enough space was not present everywhere in the museum. Still I was satisfied with the exhibition, amoung others, by the charm of the old building.

Apeldoorn 30 04 2009  exhibition at the CBK  called  : The Chamber of the King. That day our royal family visited Apeldoorn. I made this family portrait of our King Willem Alexander and our Queen Maxima with their three children not knowing what was going to happen that day.