Hello art lovers all over the world ! Thank you for your visit !

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Martin Peter Willemsen born in 1954 Apeldoorn the Netherlands. 

As a child of 8 years I got inspired by artbooks whe had at home called Het Schildersboek published by Elsevier Amsterdam in 1899.

All the artists of the Hague Painting School are presented in those books and I loved to copy them with pencil.

It must have been in 1961 that my parents bought their first one year old car a vw beetle.

I was lucky that my parents were interested in art so we started visiting Museums.

Apeldoorn is in the neighbourhood of one of the best and most beautiful museums of the world : the Kröller-Müller museum.

This Museum is at one with the nature of the Dutch Veluwe.

For me as a youngster it was heaven on earth , almost too much for my eyes and little brain.

So if you ever come to Holland do not forget to visit the Kröller Müller Museum.

Also the Municipal Museum Arnhem was easy to do with our beetle. The museum is situated on a moraine nearby the river Rhine.

I remember how surprised I was when we visited the Rhine Hall of the museum. It had a very large window, the panorama was fenomenal .

Down was the Rhine and meadows so far the eye could see and in real-time of course the famous clouds of the Hague School.

I  was eight years old and remember buying a postcard of Fernand Léger at the museum from my last pocketmoney not knowing that

fifty years later I was able to visit his superb and wonderful museum in Biot in the south of France. His complete oeuvre was a revelation for me.

If you are in Biot you also have to go to Saint Paul de Vence and visit  La Fondation Maeght .

For an art lover a visit to this museum is like a visit to Paradise.

In 1964 a friend of mine invited me on the tenniscourt. This was the beginning of my tenniscareer . In the end at the age of 18 years I became a tennisteacher.

In the meantime I never stopped making art but it was during that time always realistic.

I left the tenniscourt behind me in the year 2000 because something inside my brain and body told me that the rest of my life had to be dedecated to art. 

From 2000 till now I did and do all kind of small jobs to earn just enough money for a living.

This means I am free to make art which is not ment to be only commercial.