Fondation Maeght

Museum ' La Fondation Maeght '  in Saint Paul de Vence

Always whem I am in the neighbourhood of this museum I have to pay a visit. This time in july 2017 during my fourth visit I was able to take some pictures.

I know it is imposible to compete with the guy behind me but I gave it a try

Fondation Maeght       Close encounter with Alexander Calder

Fondation Maeght

The entrance of the Maeght Foundation is kept very minimal by Josep Lluís Sert.

It reminds me of the drawbridge of a medieval castle, left and right water and in the middle the wooden drawbridge with cover.

Fondation Maeght

Fondation Maeght .     Wonderful people in front of the battlefield by A.R.Penck .

Fondation Maeght.

Painting by Pierre Bonnard and sculptures by Joan Miró

Fondation Maeght . On the roof between the crowns of the pines and their divine perfume. In the distance ' la Méditerranée ' and the silhouet of Nice.

Fondation Maeght .     I better stay on the roof.

Love this frighteningly very imaginative sculpture by  A.R. Penck

Again a very imaginative sculture this time by Miró 

Miró what else

The Labyrinthe sculptured by Miró

Fondation Maeght .    Le lézard 

Sorry guys but I love my wife the most !

The scupture of Miró combines wonderful with the work of art by Marc Ghacall.